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How to boil eggs and cook rice using a microwave

For some time now, people have been asking questions if it is possible for one to satisfactorily cook a meal using a microwave. To satisfy your curiosity, in this post i will be showing you how you can confidently boil eggs and also cook rice using a microwave. But hey! that does not mean you should ditch the original function of your gas cooker or cooking stoves, but you can carry out this process of using a microwave when the need arises. Now, let us look at the steps involved.

microwave oven


How to boil eggs using a microwave

Ingredients required: Eggs, a glass bowl, salt and water.

1. Place the preferred amount of eggs you will like to boil in the glass bowl
2. Pour some quantity of water inside the bowl
3. Add some quantity of salt, preferably half or  teaspoon full
4. Place the bowl containing the eggs and water in the microwave
6. Close the microwave door and set the timer at exactly 10 minutes
7.Then you turn the microwave on, so that the heating process begins
8. When the 10 minutes is over, open the door of the microwave and bring out the bowl containing the eggs
10. Allow the eggs to remain in the bowl for about 2 minutes
11. After 2 minutes, transfer the eggs to a new bowl that has water inside
12.After some moment, bring out your eggs, crack the shells open and peel it off.
And that is it, your boiled eggs are ready! but...
1. If you add less amount of salt or you didn't even add t all, then be sure that the eggs will blow up
2. The eggs should be completely covered by the water, don't just add a little quantity of water and feel satisfied.

How to cook rice using a microwave

Ingredients required: Rice, water, salt and two identical microwave bowl just like the one seen in the image below.

microwave oven bowl

1. Measure the quantity of rice you intended cooking and place in one of the bowl
2. Pour some amount of water into the bowl containing the rice and ensure that the rice is completely immersed in the water. The rule is that for every part of rice, use two parts of water.
3. Add some pinch of salt to the mixture.
4. Now, place the other bowl on top of the one containing the rice and water and ensure there is  little bit of air space between them. And you shouldn't just make use of any bowl you come across, it must be a microwave bowl.
5. Next step is to place it into your microwave oven.
6. Allow it to heat in the microwave for about 17 to 30 minutes, all depending on the quantity of rice you want to cook.
7. After the set time, you bring out your bowl and you will discover that you now have a crunchy and crispy rice.

You can now see how easy it is for you to boil eggs or cook rice using a microwave. You can go ahead and add some sauce on the rice then combine your already prepared eggs on it
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