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How to clean and sanitize a water dispenser

Good day BITers! today i am going to show you how to clean and sanitize a water dispenser and i know my reasons for this. You know,  most of you have water dispensers at home but have never for once taken your time to clean or sanitize it, that is quite unhealthy. The reason i m bringing it to your notice is that most infections we are facing today are waterborne, hence, a dirty water dispenser can be a driver to such infections. After learning the following steps, ensure you to go clean that water dispenser of yours.

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how to clean and sanitize a water dispenser

Requirements for cleaning a water dispenser

The following are the materials you will be needing for the cleaning of your water dispenser, they can be easily purchased from the market. For the cleaning agents, check for stores that sells chemicals.

  • 1 gallon container
  • 1 teaspoon of cleaning gent (cleaning agents includes; oxygen bleach, hydrogen peroxide or distilled white vinegar)
  • Paper towels to soak up spills

Steps on how to clean a water dispenser

1. Unplugging the water bottle
First of all you need to unplug the wire from the wall socket, this is to avoid any form of electrocution. You know you are dealing with water which is a good conductor of electricity, so you have to apply caution.

2. Remove the water bottle
The next step is to remove the top water bottle, which is supposed to be empty before you try to carry out the cleaning process. If there are still some quantity of water left inside, then make use of it till it is completely empty.

3. Drain water from the cooler
The next step is to drain all the water completely out from the water dispenser, and this can be carried out by opening both taps of the dispenser so that all the water in ti can be drained out into a bowl or container.

4. Mix cleaning agent with water (in ratio 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon of water
After you have drained all the water from the dispenser into your container, you can use the same water and mix with your cleaning agent in the ratio of 1 teaspoon of the cleaning agent to 1 gallon of water.

5. Remove the top of the dispenser
Removing the top of the dispenser is quite tricky, depending on the type you are making use of in your or home or office. So i will advice you check on the instructional manual that comes along with it, follow the steps indicated in it and gently remove the top of the dispenser without causing any harm or damage.

6. Pour cleaning solution into the well of the dispenser
After you might have removed the top of the container and maybe the funnel (some brand actually has funnels), you will then pour the cleaning solution you had earlier prepared into the well. You will allow the solution to stand in the well for about 3 to 10 minutes before using a paper towel or tissue to slightly dab the well and also the tap openings. you can also clean the water safe situated at the top cover you earlier removed.

7. Drain the solution from the dispenser
After the solution have settled in the well for about 10 minutes, the next step is to drain it off by opening the water tap,

8. Discard the cleaning solution
After draining the cleaning solution off, the next thing is to discard it because it is of no use any longer.  Discard far away from the reach of children, preferably in a sink or drainage.

9. Re-install the top of the dispenser
You now re-install the top cover you removed earlier and ensure it is properly fitted in, just as it was before.

10. Replace your water bottle at the top and run clean water through the taps
Then you will now place a new container of water on it. Allow about a quarter of the new water to drain out through the tap, this to ensure that all the taste of the cleaning agent is properly wiped off the dispenser.

And that is it! Follow this 10 steps periodically to ensure you have a sanitized and clean water dispenser. Kindly share this wonderful piece of information. Thanks!

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