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Top 7 reasons your refrigerator dispenser stopped working

If you observe that the dispenser of your refrigerator stopped working, then there is no cause for alarm, it might be as a result of some reasons i will be listing out below. Before calling your refrigerator mechanic or repairer, it is wise you conduct a little bit of troubleshooting on your part.  The top 7 reasons why your refrigerator dispenser stopped working are as follows:

1. Faulty dispenser switch
It could be that the switch that turns on the dispenser is actually faulty. Depending on the model of the refrigerator you are using, you can actually loss and bring out the switch,  then test for continuity with the two terminals of the switch by using a multi-meter. If the switch test negative for continuity, then it means it is faulty and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

2. Defective dispenser control board
If all the functions of the control board are disrupted, then it means the control board of the refrigerator dispenser itself is defective. You can loose and bring out the board, then conduct a little bit of troubleshooting. Though the board itself cannot be tested, you can easily search for some damaged signs like if any of the component had got burnt or so.

3. Malfunctioning door switch
Normally, the door switch disable the water dispenser when the refrigerator door is opened. But it later turns it on when the refrigerator door is closed. A malfunctioning door switch can still prevent the dispenser from working even when the door is closed. Just like you did with the dispenser switch, you can easily test the two terminal of the door switch for continuity by using a multi-meter. If the switch test negative for continuity, then it need to be replaced as soon as possible.

4. Faulty water inlet valve
On a normal condition, the refrigerator inlet valve opens to allow water to travel from the water source to the water dispenser in the refrigerator. The inlet valve can experience two different types of fault or failure, and they are; mechanical and electrical failure.
A mechanical failure can occur as a result of the build up mineral deposits in the valve, thereby preventing the valve from opening. If this type of fault actually happens, it is preferable to replace the valve with a new. Cleaning up an old valve is not totally acceptable.

An electrical failure can be determined by testing the solenoid coils of the valve for continuity. If one or more of the coils tested negative for continuity, then it means that the valve need to replaced as soon as possible before the refrigerator water dispenser can function well again.

5. Low water pressure
For the refrigerator water dispenser to work appropriately, the water inlet valve needs a water pressure of 20 to 120 PSI (per square inch). To determine the pressure of water that is been supplied to your valve, carry out the following steps:
  • Turn off the water supply
  • Disconnect the supply line from the inlet valve, and hold it over an empty bucket
  • Turn the water supply back on, and observe if there is a strong flow of water from the water source. A weak flow indicates a problem with the water supply or the water supply valve.

6. Frozen water supply
A frozen water supply tube leading to the ice maker tray or the water dispenser can also lead to a malfunction in your refrigerator water dispenser. You can supply heat to the supply tube by using a hair dryer. You need to be aware that a frozen water supply tube is often caused by a defective inlet valve or a low water pressure from the water supply.  

7. Defective main control board
Although this problem is not very common, but a defective main control board can result to the water dispenser not functioning properly. Just like you did with the dispenser board, you can investigate the main control board for signs of burnt or damage to any of the component. If you discover any damage to any of the component, then you can replace the main control board with a new one, provided every other parts of the refrigerator water dispenser is functioning properly.

If after you might have conducted all these troubleshooting process and you still discover that your refrigerator water dispenser is not working properly, then you need to consult your mechanic or repairer.
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