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Blogging tips to increase traffic from 80 best sources

As a blogger i know how we all crave for traffic, especially when you are a newbie and you are not seeing the amount you really wanted anytime you check at your traffic stats. Most bloggers actually got frustrated with the figures they are getting, and eventually they call it quit. Well, you are lucky to come across this post because i will be showing you some blogging tips to increase traffic from 80 best sources.

increase blog traffic using 80 best sources

We have all been there before. Earlier when most of us started blogging, we thought is as easy as writing  some few post in a week, hit the "publish" button and watch as traffic will start pumping in. We all have such thoughts, and that may be the reason why some of us venture into the field of blogging, because we can easily see the achievements of old and experienced bloggers.

But when it gets dawn on us, we realise that blogging is quite complicated. It does not primarily mean that once you pile up lots of blog post on you wall, then it will start attracting people's attention which ,makes them to start flocking in. IF that is the mindset you are having at the moment, then you need to have a rethink because it does not work as easy as that.

As a blogger (but new and old) who is really interested in the blogging business and you want to experience a growth in your blog in terms of increased audience, what you really need is proper planning. Try and re-strategise by itemising and giving the breakdown of everything you need to dazzle your readers by transforming your blog. Before showing you the 80 best sources for enormous traffic, please i will indulge you to look at the following basics, then tell yourself if you are really good to go.

Basics of Blogging

1. Ask yourself if you are in the right niche
Yes! you love blogging and you dream to have a blog, but the question is "what niche are you trying to venture into?" Or maybe you had already started a blog and find yourself in a particular niche, another question is "do you really love the nich you find yourself in?" Have a clear idea and plan of the niche you want and stick to it. The main issue is that it should be a niche you love and have more knowledge about.

2. Know your target audience and deliver to them what they want
Blogging is all about solving peoples problem. Know the exact problems of your readers or target audience and effectively deliver solutions to such problems.

3. Maintain a simple design for your blog
yes! nothing gives an audience or a reader much joy than a clutter-free blog. Remove unnecessary widgets and pop ups that will serve as distractions to your readers. They will not only increase your blog loading time (making it slow to load) but as well they can increase the bounce rate of your blog.

4. Interlink your blog post
By interlinking your blog post from, it will increase user engagement and also decrease your bounce rate. If you have not been doing this before, then i suggest you start it now.

5. Display your popular posts
It is also wise to display a list of your popular post (i.e. post that attracts more users within a set period of time; daily, weekly or monthly), because it can also look catchy to the eyes of your visitors and they may decide to take  look at them.  

6. Have an email subscription form
If a first time reader loves your blog he/she will like to visit again, but there are possibilities that such a person might forget your blog URL. So make things easier, provide an email opt-in form so that an audience can easily subscribe to your blog, and an automatic update will be sent to his/her email once you published a new post on your blog.

7. Have an About page
This is very necessary because an audience will like to know the motive of the blog he is subscribing to and also the author behind the blog. Make your About page as precise and clear enough, it doesn't necessary have to be formal. Tell them the aim of your blog and how you will try to solve their problems, because every audience is actually looking for a solution to one or more problems.

8. Create a contact form or a contact page
Some users might decide to get in touch with you personally, this where the contact page becomes active. In the contact page, clearly state your location address, email and maybe phone numbers. Some blogs use a contact form to satisfy this means, you should choose any that works for you because they all serve the same purpose.

9. Display your social media profile
Almost everybody in this world is on one social media platform on the other, so you can easily get them engaged by displaying the social media profiles of your blog too. You can display your Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter etc, all in form of an icon on your blog. You can also generate more Facebook likes, Twitter and Google Plus followers through this means.

10. Post frequently
Having met all the requirements above the next thing you should maintain is posting frequently. Your audience wants to see a new thing whenever they visit your blog, so try as much as possible to maintain a posting frequency. By doing this, you will keep them engaged as they will keep coming for more.

There are so many other blogging basics you need to know, but i just brought out this little few.

Now you have known the basics, the next thing is to get that traffic coming in. You should bare it in mind that it is a DIY thing, most of the sites are forums so try as much as possible to be active. Below are 80 best traffic sources that will definitely boost your traffic when utilised properly. If you need an Excel document containing links to the various websites i can freely send it to your email. It is just one of the freebies you can easily get on Blogginfotech. All you have to do is to subscribe to this blog using the email opt-in form in this blog, then send a personal email to me at with the title "FREE TRAFFIC BOOST". Please note that both emails should be the sme for easy recognition.

List of 80 best sources for Blog Traffic boost

Product Hunt
A curated directory of the best new websites, mobile apps and technology products
A "crowdspeaking" platform that helps individuals and companies to spread a message
Create a buzz on social media
SaaS Genius
A place to find the right software for your business
An online directory that features beta stage startups daily
Another beta startups directory
SignUp First
Get early adopters in exchange of exclusive rewards
An online service for journalists to connect with public
Find the most relevant journalist
Muck Rack
An online service that helps you get press for you story
Pitch Pigeon
Easily create and send an effective launch email to over 200 tech blogs in just one click
Reddit - Coupons
Sub-reddit to offer coupons
Reddit - Startups
Submit your startup in monthly "Show your startup" thread
Reddit - Sideprojects
Sub-reddit exclusively for showcasing side projects
Reddit - Smallbusiness
Sub-reddit exclusively for small business owners
Reddit - I Made This
Sub-reddit to showoff what you made
Reddit - Shameless Plugs
Sub-reddit to promote anything you want
Reddit - Content Maketing
Sub-reddit for content marketers
Sub-reddit for marketing professionals
Break Point
Share your side projects and get feedback with Breakpoint.
Side Projects
Sell, buy and doscover side projects
The most visited CSS showcase
Designer News
Share your product design and collect feedback
Stack Share
Discover and discuss the best software tools and services
Popular blog directory that displays latest five posts
Google News
The biggest news agregator in the world
The  biggest news agregator site in UK
Kindle Publishing for Blogs
Syndicate your blog to thousands of Kindle users
Blog Catalog
Popular blog directory that displays popular blogs and blog post around the web
A daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services
Mighty Deals
Daily  deals for creative designers and web developers
Launch Lister
Daily & weekly email with the top product launches from the startup sites
Popular classified site to promote local deals and offers
Mailer Lite
Send a newsletter to your subscribers
Share post on Facebook
Share post on Twitter
Share your visuals for almost anything here
Business orientated social networking site
Community of inbound marketers with 160 000+ members
Growth Hackers
Growth hacking community with 70 000+ members
Community of ech and business professionals
Community similar to Hacker News but orientated into more general topics
A communit platform where you can have your say without censorship
Manage WP
A good place to post Wordpress relate articles
Design Float
Community to place design related articles
Stumble Upon
One of the biggest content discovery platform in the world
Curated news site
Popular bookmarking site
SaaS Community
Submit content related to SaaS growth, marketing, customer success, sales and business
Boot Strappers
An online resource for boostrapping an online business
Closing Call
A community of sales professionals
Source for technology related news
Biz Sugar
Community of small business owners and entrepneurs
Targeted traffic splash for your website
Blog Engage
Blogging community and social network
Submit your articles and it be reviewed by the community
Social magazine
Community of influencers and bloggers
Social exchange that matches user content to the perfect audience
Internet marketing social networking site
A content curation tool
Collect relevant content easily
Professional network to share industry news and analysis
A Community of web communities
Extremely popular crowd-sourced Q&A site
Free co-marketing platform that helps people connect with new audiences
Get more people sharing your stuff
Viral Content Buzz
Social sharing platform that works off earned credits
Twitter related site that rewards users for following each other
Linkedin Publishing
Expand your reach to business professionals
Community of serious readers who like to read briliant stuff
Medium - The Mission
Submit your stories about accelerated learning, tech, antifragility, and definite optimism
Medium - The Startup
Submit Your stories about business, marketing, design, and technology.
Republish your content for 200+ millions monthly visitors
Bored Panda
A leading art, design and photography community for creative people

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