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MTN Nigeria and updating of SIM registration records brouhaha

Just recently, MTN Nigeria started rolling out messages to most of its subscribers, indicating that they should go and update their SIM registration records in order to avoid disconnection. This message is bringing  tension and confusion to the heart of the affected subscribers. Tensions because they would not like to lose their mobile numbers since it had been linked to various other platforms as means of contacting them, and confusion because most subscribers had done this SIM registration update before more than once. All these resulting to a brouhaha.

Despite the fact that as a network subscriber, we all know the importance of having our information stored in the database of our various Telecommunication companies and network subscribers, but the issue is that what is the reason behind the constant call for updates by MTN Nigeria? These are the questions a lot of MTN subscribers are asking because the situation is not the same with the other networks, i.e Airtel, Etisalat and Globacom. We really need answers, because myself i am a victim, after updating my records previously more than 2 times, yet i still got this message again.

MTN Nigeria subcribers SIM registration update

I took a time out to visit one of the MTN Nigeria office located at Alaba International Market in Lagos, Nigeria yesterday, just to see if i can update my SIM registration records and information once again, but what i experienced yesterday is nothing to write home about. The crowd of subscribers was something else, the registration process was slow, people were tensed and angry and a whole lot more. Trying to be a gentle and patriotic citizen, i took my time to interact with one of the security personnel about the situation of things and the way forward. He gave some reasonable answers which i tried my best to pass across to the unhappy subscribers that filled the premises. As humans and Nigerians that we are, we all know how difficult is it to get people convinced.

I am writing this post, not only for readers but also to the management and staffs of MTN Nigeria so that they can give us appropriate information concerning their SIM registration records and maybe the reasons behind the frequent calls for updates of information. Briefly, we shall be looking at some salient points and questioned that was raised among subscribers yesterday, that we all need answers to from the appropriate officers of MTN Nigeria. Read on and you will realise how important the questions and points are, and i am sure they are the same thoughts running in most of our minds.

Is it compulsory for subscribers to go for the SIM registration update once the message was received?

This is the number one question disturbing everyone of which i am also asking the same. Many subscribers are insisting that it may not be necessary since they believe it is a bulk message that is been sent, and it may be sent to both affected and non-affected subscribers. I am having the same feeling two, because what is the essence of me updating what i had already updated before? It is a question must affected people like me are also asking, but it would be better if the officials of MTN Nigeria come out with a better answer.

Is the database of MTN Nigeria non-functional?

This is another big question that should come up as a challenge to MTN Nigeria as a whole, why? Simply because the remaining other 3 communication networks in Nigeria (Glo, Etisalal and Airtel) are not urging on subscribers for constant updates of records. We all know that once an information is collected, it is been stored in a database, of which any reputable organisation or individual should be having one. Why is MTN Nigeria keep calling on their various subscribers to keep supplying the same data which they had done severally, and which is supposed to be in the database of MTN Nigeria? This is terrible because in each updating process, you will supply the same information which you did before, they will take your biometrics once again and this is for sure raising a lot of questions about the efficacy of MTN Nigeria's subscribers information database. We all need answers please.

Will there be a possible call for another MTN SIM registration update in the future?

Yes, we all love MTN telecommunication and their services, personally i think they are the best network for me, but we cannot continue in this mess. We are all humans, and we know how we easily seek for alternatives, it is better MTN Nigeria get things right once and for all. Will there be a possible call for another update in the future? From the conversations i had yesterday, many subscribers have given up and are ready to ditch their MTN SIM for that of other network providers. All these grumbling are erupting just because of stressful process and procedure involved in the SIM registration update. Imagine crowd of subscribers neglecting their duties, places of work and businesses that fetches them daily bread only to come and waste their precious time in MTN offices and yet, the possibility of achieving their aim is very slim. No normal human will like to experience this over and over again.

In conclusion, we are still seeking for answers from the appropriate bodies of MTN Nigeria concerning their constant call for subscriber updates of SIM registration records in order to avoid disconnection. They should have in mind the pains and stress they are placing on their network subscribers, and maybe look for a better and fast way this process could be accomplished without much complain.
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